Quiz Night 2016

A fantastic night was had by all last Saturday when 13 teams competed for the honour of becoming the Scouts Quiz Night Champions.

It was a great turnout; parents, scouts, leaders and our friends at St Francis all helped to raise around £800 to support the 5th Petts Wood.

If you missed out and think that you’d like to come next year, here’s a sample of the sort of questions that came up (scroll down for the answers):

Q1 – What’s the only animal to have 4 knees?
Q2 – Which is the only country to still have an Emperor?
Q3 – What’s the national animal of Canada?

Note to self, “must start watching Emmerdale before next years quiz”…..

A1 – Elephant
A2 – Japan
A3 – Beaver (no, it’s not a Moose)