Cub Camp June 2009

We were unable to book our usual site near Cudham, so we tried out the Greenwich District Scout Site at Downe. What we didn’t realise was that the weekend coincided with Biggin Hill Air Show, so we were entertained throughout the weekend with an aerial show.

We took 24 Cubs to Camp, and they were in 5 Sixes all named after Super Heroes. They arrived on Friday evening, and set about putting up their tents. There was much excitement as we had 3 new tents, 2 of which had only been delivered that afternoon. The Cubs all worked really well, and they soon had their tents up, and their beds set out. We tried to exhaust them with a Wide Game, and then they went to bed, BUT NOT TOO SLEEP!

Saturday dawned hot and sunny, and after a cooked breakfast, and inspection, the Beavers arrived. The Cubs were given a Challenge: they had to build a structure which was at least 6 inches off the ground, and which would hold all the members of their Six. They were provided with 2 pioneering poles each, and whatever rope they needed. They spent the next hour in the woods constructing some really brilliant structures, which were then tested, and all passed. Then it was lunchtime, a great traditional Spaghetti Bolognaise, cooked by Linda and Sue, our brilliant Camp Cooks. Andy and Chris then took the older Cubs on a short hike as part of their Outdoor Plus Challenge, while the rest of the Cubs joined with the Beavers in doing some activities on site.

After the Beavers left, it was time for the Rocket Challenge. Each Six had made a rocket during a Cub Evening, and now was the time to see how far they would go. Thanks go to Ian Butterworth for his hard work in organising this challenge. Some didn’t go that far, and won nearly GOT Akela, but there were some impressive results as well.

Now it was time to cook their supper, but first they had to collect wood and light their fires. Then it was time to cook the sausages, but the heavens opened, and we nearly got drowned! We left Dave cooking the sausages, while the rest of us retired to the tent, for an impromptu Camp Fire sing along. Then the Cubs went to bed and SLEPT!

Sunday was another hot day, and after inspection and our Cubs Own Service, we had to have our Traditional Water Fight. This was after we had given Dave the bumps, for his birthday! (Dave I didn’t realise you were still only 8!). After Lunch the parents arrived and helped dismantle the Camp.

We finished with our closing ceremony, where the prize for the winning Six was given, which went to “The Wolverines” but it was a very close run with 2 ½ points between first and last.