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Beaver Scouts CampBeaver Scouts are the youngest section in The Scout Association and are aged 6 –8 years old. We currently have a full unit of 24 members and we meet once a week on a Tuesday evening. The Beaver Scouts can be recognised in their bright blue jumpers and group scarves.

The meetings are an hour long and begin with the special Beaver ‘shout’ and prayer. The colony is then sometimes split into 4 groups: Golden Sun; Silver Moon; Green Planet and Red Star and at other times we work together as a whole group. Most of the time we manage a quick drink and biscuit to renew energy before playing a game at the end of the session.

Beaver Scouts CampBeaver Scouts have lots of fun doing different activities which include making things, going on visits, making friends and gaining reward badges, which can be then displayed on the uniform. Over the past year we have taken part in a wide variety of activities. These have included making pancakes over gas stoves, visiting the cubs on camp and learning about First Aid and fire safety.

The group have taken part in more creative activities such as making crackers for the Christmas gift service.

Beaver Scouts CampDuring the summer we try to make the most of the pleasant weather, with numerous outdoor meetings at a local park. We have organised a rounders match and a nature trail as well as team games.

Activities are aimed at achieving different badges so the Beaver Scouts are always working towards different goals both independently and as a group. Our main aim is to have fun and enjoy ourselves.